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In Loving Memory of Rita Cisneros
January 20, 1951 - May 25, 2013

IT’S ALL GOOD!    These uplifting words exemplified Rita’s passion , fortitude  and advocacy for uplifting all persons she came in contact with and the furthering of the mission of PMHCA.  She served our PMHCA membership for at least twelve years.

She was instrumental with creating the KEYSTONE PRIDE RECOVERY INITATIVE (KPRI) and helped secure federal funding to provide statewide KPRI trainings.   KPRI training provides a framework for service providers and individuals to understand and provide a welcoming and supportive services for the LGBTQ community and stimulate community discussions regarding LGBTQI rights.

This project continues to this day.

Rita championed knowledge and opportunities for trainings for all individuals no matter what.

It is in honor of Rita’s passion and fortitude that PMHCA awards a training scholarship to individuals to further their knowledge and advocacy in her name.

"When I attended my first Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association conference in 2009, one of the members of the PMHCA family that made the largest connection to me was Rita Cisneros, her smile was so full of love, passion and positive energy."

-Joseph Alex Martin

About The Fund

The Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association has established a scholarship fund to help with the cost of health and wellness activities for members who identify themselves as being in mental health recovery.

Conferences, training, development of advocacy and leadership skills, personal fitness activities and other professional and personal resources that contribute to one’s recovery will be considered.

PMHCA will notify you when your application is reviewed, to let you know whether or not you will receive scholarship funds and the amount if you receive a scholarship.

We thank you very much for your interest and membership in PMHCA. Your desire to move forward with your recovery is applauded!’

Applications are available upon request at PMHCA or available for download here.

  • Applications are encouraged via fax and e-mail, but US mail may be used
  • Applications will be reviewed within two weeks of receipt
  • Individuals who receive scholarship funds must wait two years to reapply
  • Awards may be for all or part of the request
  • If for any reason the applicant cannot use the funds for the specific activity for which they applied, PMHCA requests that funds be returned
  • All decisions about scholarship applications will be based on funds available, as well as the personal request which is made
  • The scholarship fund is not available to staff, board and family members of PMHCA

Please Help Make this page the best tribute it can be. 

If you have stories, pictures, or just want to say something about Rita, please contact us at  Share your story or photo and it will be added to the page.

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