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PMHCA is having conversations with multiple political candidates. It is our mission to discover where candidates stand on issues, barriers, and concerns relating to mental health and recovery. Bringing the voice of lived experience to these conversations is of paramount importance and we feel strongly about sharing information we obtain with our members. It is our intention to hold conversations with any candidate willing to meet with us to discuss the important issues consumers face every day. We are approaching all conversations from a neutral standpoint and PMHCA does not align itself with any specific party affiliation and will not endorse any specific candidate.

So far, we have had conversations with Ray Sosa, Charlie Gerow, and Josh Shapiro's staff. Keep an eye out for summaries of our conversations that will be posted on our website and social media account.

If you have any questions, concerns, or agenda items you would like for us to bring into these conversations, please email us at

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PMHCA is a state-wide member organization dedicated to the support of all people who seek aid for recovery from a mental illness at any stage in their journey.

PMHCA provides resources, referrals, and support to those receiving services or in recovery from a mental illness. 

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PMHCA provides and refers training to individuals in such areas as Stigma Destruction, Trauma-Informed Care, Mental Health Advanced Directives, Peer Support, LGBTQI+ Issues, and other training. PMHCA also assists newly formed consumer coalitions to get started.

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