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Your Voice Matters!

At PMHCA, we're dedicated to advocating for mental health awareness, support, and change across our communities. Our mission is to create an environment that prioritizes mental health wellness, reduces stigma, and ensures accessible resources for everyone facing mental health challenges.

Join us in our commitment to nurturing hope and championing recovery-focused policies in Pennsylvania. Together, we can create a landscape that recognizes the value of every individual's journey towards mental wellness.

Explore our resources, participate in our events, and contribute to our shared vision of a Pennsylvania where every individual has access to the support they need for their mental health recovery. Your involvement makes a meaningful difference in fostering hope and resilience across our communities.

Get Involved!

PMHCA is and always has been at the forefront of promoting recovery. We plan to continue to work for what we deserve as humans in recovery. We will always need your help in this movement! You can help by volunteering your time with us at an event, helping us share that recovery is possible in your area, and inviting local organizations to understand recovery better with education and testimonies from those with lived experience. We advocate, educate, and promote recovery by using our lived experience and would love to join you at your event or organization to talk more. If you want to learn more about recovery, check out our recovery focused articles and Promote Recovery page!

Mental Health Awareness Month is in May and we are gearing up to make waves this year. There is going to be a Driving Recovery Across PA Bus Tour and a Hill Day March all within the first two weeks! Learn more about our upcoming events by going to our Events page. We can always use your voice and support at events like these! 

There are many ways we can help you make your voice heard. Community Support Programs are an alliance of mental health consumers, family members, and professionals working together to aid adults with severe mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders to live successfully in the community. These meetings have helped shape the way treatment services are delivered to consumers, improved public understanding and advocated for quality recovery treatments.

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