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Leadership In recovery

The Leadership in Recovery Program (LIR) is geared towards cultivating consumer leadership and expanding opportunities for leadership in local, regional, and state areas. Through educational training opportunities and peer support, the LIR program builds and strengthens effective consumer representation in Pennsylvania. The training focuses on moving recovery forward for individuals and communities while helping to transform existing mental health systems. 

What options does Leadership in Recovery offer?

  • Community Support Program (CSP)
  • Overview of Mental Health Advance Directives
  • Recovery Chats
  • Consumer grassroots trainings and networking
  • Regional and state systems advocacy

Goals of Leadership In Recovery:

  • Educate and empower consumers to participate in systems change
  • Create regional opportunities for peer networking and leader support
  • Establish effective consumer representation on committees, workgroups, and boards
  • Fulfill the missions and visions of PMHCA through the empowerment of leaders in recovery


For More Information, Please contact Pat Madigan, Special Projects Director, or call toll free at 800-887-6422 or 717-564-4930

About the association

PMHCA is a state-wide member organization dedicated to the support of all people who seek aid for recovery from a mental illness at any stage in their journey. PMHCA provides resources, referrals, and support to those receiving services or in recovery from a mental illness. 

2019 Fiscal Year Federal Form 990

2020 Annual Report to the Membership



717-564-4930 or 1-800-887-6422
4105 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111

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