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Mental HEalth Advance Directives

Booklets Available

Mental Health Advance Directives booklets are available to those who wish to develop their own directives. The Booklets are available in English and in Spanish. There is important information for individuals who are designated as a Mental Health Agent in another's directives. There is also important information for providers of mental health services so that they may also provide support in following the directive. 

These booklets are available below in our PDF Resources Section.

Trainings Available

PMHCA provides training in Mental Health Advance Directives to interested parties. PMHCA presents these trainings to consumer run organizations, professional organizations, educational institutions and any interested persons who would like to learn more. 

PMHCA also hosts "Training the Trainers" events where individuals are taught how to provide these trainings to others. 

If you are interested in these events, please check out our Events page and find a training near you coming up.

Events Page

PDF Resources

About the association

PMHCA is a state-wide member organization dedicated to the support of all people who seek aid for recovery from a mental illness at any stage in their journey. PMHCA provides resources, referrals, and support to those receiving services or in recovery from a mental illness. 

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